Whether you are looking to plan your next corporate event or a family gathering… Our tasting workshops are built to cater to your needs and designed by the best sommeliers to take you to the next level on your wine journey by understanding everything there is to know about wine! Following the newest trends in the world of wine and new arrivals on the market, we are proud to invite you to open up your senses and learn about wine in a fun environment.



Discover the basics of wine and taste iconic appellations from many regions of the Old World. We will work with common varietals native to Europe and dive into the world of viticulture and vinification while understanding how to strategically taste. 


We discover wines and varietals less known to the average connoisseur like orange wine, wines produced by carbonic maceration that sometimes have a hazy appearance show amazing oxidative notes on the nose and surprise your palate with aromas you didn't even know existed! We take a deeper look into the local varietals that are grown in Quebec like Poulsard, Ferment, Mencia, Zweiglt, and more. These funky wines, whether natural, organic or biodynamic, won’t keep any secrets from you after this workshop.


We taste wines coming from every part of the globe : Chili, South Africa, Argentina, Lebanon, Australia and of course, Canada! We will learn about terroir, climate, soils, winemaking as well as focus on secondary and tertiary aromas! We will also define how the climate affects the vines, thereby affecting the flavor of the wine in your glass.


Here, we focus on the finest Crus and Chateaux’s. Only the high-end top producers are invited to the table. Think Barolo, Brunello, Amarone, Super Toscans, Grand Crus, Premier Crus, Bordeaux and Champagne! You have the option to select your flight of wines or let the expert pick a great variety of bottles to surprise your palate. We take time to taste and enjoy each wine by appreciating their complexity and learn about the reasons why they are so famous, as well as the history behind the brands.


Included in the packages

  • Tasting of 6 wines : 1 sparkling, 2 whites and 3 reds
  • The wines are subjected to change according to availability, my favourites and recent discoveries.
  • Glassware for each tasting is provided
  • Certified sommelier leading all workshops
  • Training suited for selected package
  • Tasting sheets
  • Training material
  • Lots of fun! 

Special requests and events

We are also willing to create packages upon request to suit your palate! You can add more wines to your tasting if you wish! We will put you in touch with our sommeliers so you can discuss our packages with them. Note that if you book many workshops with us throughout one year we can offer a discount! Contact us at (514) 966-0805 to inquire about the many possibilities for your event. 


Three of the packages have been priced the same so that you can further your knowledge over the year.


  •  10 to 20 people : 85$ per guest
  •  21 to 40 people : 75$ per guest
  •  41 to 60 people : 65$ per guest 
  •  61 to 80 people : 55$ per guest 


Our favourite and most luxurious package of all, meant for those who wish to immensely awaken their senses. The prices vary depending on the wine selection discussed.

  •  6 to 12 people : 170$ to 340$ per guest 


To finalize your booking, you will be required to pay a 500$ deposit towards your event.

500,00 C$

Payer avec PayPal ou avec une carte bancaire

We will contact you within 24 hours following your deposit to discuss the details of your event. If you wish to speak to us prior to paying your deposit, please dial (514)966-0805. You will receive a payment confirmation through PayPal. The balance of your payment will be required 14 days prior to your reservation. We will be happy to assist you. Please note that this deposit is not refundable.